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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Long... but you HAVE TO read this...

I have read your profile. I have felt some sort of spiritual connection with you while reading it. I am interested to get to know you. I am looking for a nice girl to be my best friend and later on my wife. If you are interested, write back or send a flirt and I will send you my phone number .my email is . Don’t ask me to chat with you because I have no time for it.
Before I waste my time or yours, I like to tell you little negative stuff about me: I am an import with Australian citizenship. I speak very good English with a very bad accent. I am bit Chubby and I am happy the way I am so if you are looking for a toy boy, don’t bother. I am a man not a toy. What do u want a toy or a man? Are U a deep or shallow woman? Are you into looks?
I am well known to be a womanizer but I am willing to settle down with the right girl and be faithful to her. I have my own personal Islamic faith. I am Muslim and I don’t believe in Islamic sects such as Sunni or Shia. .... I like to go to Arabic night clubs and I will take you with me ... I am very stubborn...opinionated.... I don’t confirm with social morality ... I have my own.....I am unique in my opinions and believes ....and views about religion , politics and history ..Culture...morality. Do you want someone unique? Do you have a unique personality or a confirmative personality?
I am Gemini and I am two faces with almost everybody ... I don’t want to be two faces with you ....If I tell you my true opinion about somebody or about something ...I expect you to keep it secret .you will have too many secrets to keep ...can you keep my secrets ? Are you a secret keeper or a big mouth?
I have my own special diet ... I hate fast food and take away....are you junky who like to eat junk food or a princess who likes to eat healthy ?
Enough with bad stuff ... I am very successful businessman but I am very savvy ... (not stingy)....are you a successful woman who want a successful man or are you a loser who wants a loser?
I am very patient ... but when I lose my temper , stay out of my way ....I am not going to beat you ... I will scream in your face and my voice will reach new Zealand... so if you are a sissy girl .... Find a sissy boy cause I am a real man. Are you a sissy girl? If I lose my temper and I broke the glass or I scream in your face and you call police .it is the end of the relationship or marriage, you will be going to your parents and later to hellfire.... I will make sure you will be there.... lucky you are I don’t lose my temper very often …but who does not? Don’t you lose your temper sometimes and your scream reaches Malaysia?
I will give your freedom but freedom comes at a price. If you ever cheat on me, you and him will be dead and I will make sure I will get away with it .no, I don’t act on suspicion, I will have hard proof with me such as tapes ....I don’t care what you have done before me ... I will tell what I have done before you and I expect you to tell me what you have done before me. I promise you to be faithful to you and I expect you to be faithful to me. Are a woman of honor who does not think about cheating or consider it in any circumstances or you are an evil woman who does not want me cause she is afraid of the punishment cause she thinks she may cheat ?
I am not jealous...and I am not don’t have to wear hijab but you can not show your body parts.... You have to abide by my dress code....are you a woman who respect her body and does not exhibit it or you are a woman who likes to sell her body cheap ? If you want to sell your body and it is good enough, I am a buyer
If you ever want to get divorce from me one day ,I will give your wish a friendly divorce don’t expect to take any money from me ... I am not stupid and I don’t believe in Australian law that requires me to hand my hard earned money for you .. If you insist on taking to what you are entitled to under Australian law ...I will make sure u won t get it ....If you smart enough to manage to get it .... I will make sure you will be unhappy for the rest of your life.....even if I had to pay with my life for it will be dead ... are you a decent woman who accept that or indecent one who will be after her ex money cause she is greedy and unfair and don’t believe in justice ? I believe Australian law is not fair for men or women ….
I believe in marital duties. If you don’t know what your marital duties are, I will write down for you and put in the wall in the bedroom. And in the kitchen... in case you you know your marital duties or you want me to write them down for you? Are you still a kid or what?
I very understand ....I am very savvy (not stingy) and expect you to be the same... Are you a savvy girl? Do u like to waste your money?
I am very loving and romantic ...If I love you ... I will make sure you are safe and protected and treasured and happy for the rest of your life....
I am not desperate or desperado ... I am very picky ....I am not picky about your looks.... I am very picky about the personality and the courage. I want a woman to be my best friend and my eternity partner... so far most women I have met don’t have the personality or the courage to commit to such a strong and truthful and unique man like myself ... a man who will tell it like it is. ... a man who is not afraid to tell them the truth about him and his secrets ....are you afraid of me? does u have enough courage to take an adventure with me? Do u have enough courage to commit to a real man like me or you want a sissy boy? I want a woman to take me as number one in her life , number one before her family , friend , kids and herself .I believe that behind every man success , there is a great woman , are you that woman ?


  1. WTF? :-D
    And there was a resounding clamouring cry emanating from the WHOLE female populace< and it screamed NO!

  2. OMG...
    worst 7arkasheh i read by far

  3. Well, I guess he wants a woman with courage, and not a sissy woman. If she wants a toy boy then she can't have this unique individual...

    I almost feel sorry for him, all that time and effort writing that for nothing.

    What a douche bag...

  4. absolutely not for nothing. an exceptional piece. i want to give him a prize.

  5. ya mamiiiiI!!!!! hahahahahhahahhaha

  6. An exceptional piece indeed.

    I honestly can't find the right words..but I guess he said it all.

  7. dakaaar hahahahahahaha chou hal marid hayda :D

  8. looooooooooooooool i want to marry him looooooooooool are you a sissy girl ??

    he's a man!!! YEAH HE'S A MAN !!! lol

  9. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!! OMG this dude is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Can we get this in audio version? I think it might sound even better! hahaha!

  10. DO YOU WANT A SISSY!! ??? loooooooooooooooool this is painfully hilarious! this guy is nuts

  11. lol funny how often he feels the need to say he is a man.

  12. I want him .. where can i find him??? SOMEONE TELL MEEEE EMAIL MEE!! ASAP !!!!

  13. Umm is he for real??? Jackass!
    Great way to introduce yourself - already threatening a potential spouses life... clearly he's really smart...

  14. Hahaha mish ma32oul shou mintek 3ardo