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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just Do It! I may wrong or right?

Salam Keefik? How are you, you look very beautiful tonight, and all the nights. Well i'm from that kind of people who can't hide his feeling or opionin about anybody and i hope that doesn't effect our friendship. I'm a very honest with you, tonight when i saw you using the lips stick and wearing T-shirt written on it ( Just Do It ) i felt, it's like a support to me to express the feeling that i have been hiding ! or maybe i put it togather like a puzzle and i figure out that you want me to express my feeling about you. I may wrong or right?!! but please no hard feeling if i'm wrong, or if i crossed the Redline by by misunderstand. Can you write me back with more exceplaination about what you think of what i have wrote to you? so i can know where should i stand at. As i said if i'm wrong i dont want to lose you as a great friend. I swear to allah i attracted to you from first time i saw you, and i never miss any class cause my eyes like to see you all the time. Also I could call you on the phone or face to face to tell you everything but i prefer not until i get the green light. I wanna say poams about your eyes maybe no body could discover the secrets in yours eyes, and i hope that you understand my poams.

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