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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The real deal... straight from the shores of love. With a broken heart. And a mermaid.

My name is xxx .... 36 yrs old .... I was born in Amman ..... Single and Alone ..... I'm working as an Engineer ....

I'm looking for serious relationship ....

Please give me chance ....

Looking for you
In the seas ... in oceans
Looking for u
In my tears ... in my eyes ... in my broken heart
Looking for u
In my fear ... in my madness
Where to find u?
Where to meet u?
Shall I die before I meet u?
U are real or fake?
I want u before it's too late
I want u before the disaster ... before the tornado
I want ur picture the last thing i see in my life
Hug me ... drown me in love tears ... in ur emotions ... in ur smell ... in ur smile
Where am i?
I don't know if it was me
I want u real not fake
I want u a mermaid swimming on the shore of my love
I want u my death and my life
Where to find u?
In desert or in drops of rain
I want u to take me to love world to be kings and queens of love
I'm so scared ... from unknown tomorrow
But trust I'll find u in clouds or trees
I'll find u
Coz a lover is born to be lover and die as one
With my love


  1. I really wanna meet this guy, poor sucker!

  2. translation:
    be my queen in the kitchen! for i cannot cook for shit.
    be my subsmissive subject in the bedroom, for i cannot handle a steong woman.
    be my vessel and put up with my shit :)