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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A serious case of... Verbal Diarrhea!

im mo>>>>>>>>>>>>> im a multipositional cheer monger looking for good times and happy endings! iv got itchy feet and a nosey ear and i just cant stop snooping into other peoples brains! got to stop really. what i dont have to stop tho is this adventure of mine which involves jordan, some kids and turnips!! so because jordan is involved im gonna travel to jordan now more often (much to the disapproval of my madam) and because most of the people iv met overthere are slightly overpacked with testosterone and wear big belt buckles, im a little disheartened by the amount of bordom i suffered overthere. my brother is out there doing medicin. im nothing like my brother but i love him too. unfortunatly, he laughs at my love for art and dosnt understand my enthusiam for design, so even the only one i love cannot stop me from yawwwwwwning//////this is were u come in, with ur fine art incling and ur knowladge/intelegent guesses of jordan and my eager eyes and hopefull mouth we can take over the fun ministry of jordan! ====================i know what ur thinkin tho, "what?!", but really what im tryin to say is that id like to hook up with seemingly cool people who can entertain me in exchange for smiles and optimism. i have a bengali girlfriend myself so i guess thats one thing we can talk about if we get bored, bengalis! im not tryin to woo u either, i just want to be friends! aww aint that sweet? go on add me!! double dare you! : )


  1. nooor hahah the last part, about the word bteshte3e was directed at you!

  2. i dated a bengali guy once. there's not much to talk about there...they have a nice skin tone?