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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The lonely bilingual.

ممكن أقدر اسمع صوتك
و أتمنى اقدر احصل على رقمك و بوعدك..اعمل أي شي عشان تكوني
cute and happy as always
ممكن حكيتلك أني عايش لحالي و محتاج لصديقة قريبة مني أنا رجعت
من الأمارات قبل فترة قصيرة..و فعلا محتاج لصديقة نقضي سوا أحلى أيام عمرنا..انتظرك


  1. looool amazing blog , the only bad thing about it is that it ends :( , not to mention its kinda scary to write a comment fearing that it will end up as a post - this is not a 7arkasheh - :D

  2. Who said anything about it ending?! spread the word and send in the goods... that way it'll keep going forever!!!
    and yeah... be careful... you're comments could end up on the front page! mmwwahahaha (evil laugh followed by evil grin)

  3. haah ya3ni howwe ra2amak 7aykhaleeha "Cute" as always? heheh ma3tooh