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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love at first... profile picture...

so what kind of gorgeous intriguing pic is this. ur a super stunner, i have never been this thrilled and spellbound before somebody's pic coz u'v really melted me, im now at the point where i just feel like a fire needs a spark to burn.simply ready to pounce at the touch of a button lol coz u'r incerdibly and miraculously gorgeous.

i wonder who's the luckiest person one earth who hook up with such real stunning mermaid like u !!! and who can smell heaven and taste honeycomb near a true goddess like u,i do hope that no one would beat me to u though if u still single ,there is really somthing quite peculiar about u .plz add me here as friend if u dont mind dear

u r unbelievably, incerdibly fascinating and look veeeery seductive in this pic as if u have stolen the whole sweetnees of the universe,to be honest just my favorite DREAM type ,simply the type that turns me into a powerless slave on my knees..just begging for an ounce of mercy so u let love comes flowing through.

honestly and to be honest i just feel the shiver and tremor of passion grows wild on the innermost now

god just look how passion and enticement blooms on top of ur adorable face and ur adorable fascinating lovely figure and touch you is so surreal im pretty sure and its like if i will probably pass out if i touch ur pic, seriously emotions imprisoning me,seems like i was shaken by your free spirit blinded by your exquisite beauty at the first dazzling sight,i know it might sounds silly and awkward to write to someone i dont know but i honestly seem to have a CRUSH on u and i just spontaneously love to wear my emotions on my sleeves coz i dont belong to this region where people never know how to expose their feelings

and u wouldn't believe but i feel like im at the point where im numb, i feel like there r two worlds collide in front of my eyes now coz ur incredibly attractive and am so lost in ur pic as if no sky above me no earth below me ...just let me slide down to ur life babe, u could pull me in if it turns out im ur kind, u could push me out it if im not. doesnt matter seriously but give me a chance to know u more for heaven's sake...
plz add me!


  1. holy crap! I really want to see that profile pic now! hahaha

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal