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Friday, November 12, 2010

Coz I'm a creep... I'm a weirdo

hello r u ?? im 25 years old guy from jordan ..i want to ask u sumthing and plz take it seriously do u need a servant?? im not talking about a relationship and i dont mind if u have a bf,,im mean it a slave who knows well where is his place willing to spend my life serving and under ur control ..i would do anything u order me to do i would lick the floor u walk on .
plz take it seriously and reply to me ASAP


  1. Jeez, I think this guy invaded my inbox, too. Was his profile pic a girl in high heels stepping on his head with one foot while he kissed the other? *Shudders at the memory* - or is it just a common theme these days?

    What is it with this female superiority complex from a society that revolves around male dominance? Let's just turn this into a matriarchy and get it over with already.

  2. OMG! I know which weirdo you're talking about too. He, as well, sent me a similar creepy message.. he also had a profile pic with a girl in red high heels with a guy kissing them. What a creep!!!

  3. actually this is more sexual than it's a complex...
    there is something called "foot fetish" or "femdom - female domination" which the male (or female in some countries, donno about jo" would get aroused when beaten, humiliated, handcuffed and so on and so on... this guy is a creep to announce this to a complete stranger to be honest and especially in our culture and backgrounds...

    take it easy friends he is just a "mag6oo3" looking for a ball buster and i hope he finds one who'd break them and kill him!!

    just one question, if she had a bf would she really look for a slavE?????! is he nuttz?