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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

He likes his feet.... feet.... and feet!

Hi miss,
im jordanian live in riyadh and im a very submissive guy and a feet servant. do you care to be a mistress or a queen and have a feet slave for you (some one who will be under your feet care about your feet and obey all your orders and to make his face as a slipper to your feet) plz i wish to send to and be sure im a very nice and polit guy and im not crazy or sico it's just a thing that i feel it and i like to be in this place front the strong and nice girl (under her feet).
with all my respects kisses to your feet Miss.
your fauthful feet servant


  1. you should crash the 18-piece gangbang that 18 people are setting up... there'll be 36 feet.. some of them might be women feet

  2. It should be illegal for some people to procreate

  3. I dont want to misjudge you like the others, each one has his or her fantasies,,, I just wish you the best in finding a wife who would understand you and keep you happy... it is worth the efforts you spend in searching for her!